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AVCS Online Discovery API


The ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) Online Discovery API provides free access to a trial version of the AVCS Online Web Map Service (WMS). It is intended for use by developers from organisations who are interested in becoming re-sellers of AVCS Online.

The Discovery API provides you with Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) along the south coast of England. You will have access to a maximum of 2000 API calls per day at a maximum rate of 30 calls per 30 second period.

AVCS Online gives shore-based users and planning teams access to more than 15,000 Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs), updated weekly, to support vessel tracking, voyage planning and for use in accident and emergency incidents. The inclusion of chart display settings and pick reports enables the on-board experience to be replicated from ashore.

AVCS Online can be integrated into existing web-based systems as a standalone chart solution, or as a base layer with other layers added, to optimise the planning and support potential of the service.

Usage licence

subscription required


AVCS Online Discovery API documentation



Geographic area

South Coast of England