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Data Registers Service - REST API


Use this API to access a wide range of live lists of reference data with our Data Registers Service which includes historic data. Each register is managed by a custodian across a range of organisations. In each case, they represent the approved version of that data. 

Examples of these data registers include:

organisation codes


diagnosis codes

You can see what data registers are available using our data registers tool.

If you're looking for richer functionality from a data source, such as being able to test data validity, extract a subset or map data across different schemas then take a look at our Terminology Server - FHIR API - the terminology server provides a richer view of the SNOMED data set only. This also conforms to the international FHIR standards for its APIs.

If your use case requires historical, point-in-time snapshots of reference data, they are available either from this API or the TRUD API.


Data Registers Service - REST API documentation