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Use these integrations to provide vaccination information to us at NHS Digital.

You can send us information relating to:

coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations

COVID-19 extended data attributes

COVID-19 hourly vaccination aggregate data for the NHS Foundry

seasonal flu vaccinations

measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccinations

These integrations specify the flow of vaccination-related information from healthcare settings including:

hospital hubs - NHS providers vaccinating on site 

local vaccine services – community or primary care led services which could include primary care facilities, retail, community facilities, temporary structures or roving teams 

vaccination centres – large sites such as sports and conference venues set up for high volumes of people 

These integrations use MESH to send and receive pipe-delimited (|) and not-sign-delimited (¬) files.

For more details on how to interact with end users to collect COVID-19 information safely, see the functional specifications under 'Additional guidance'.

For FHIR standards relating to the flow of information directly back to the patient's GP, see Digital Medicine - FHIR.

For FHIR standards relating to the flow of information to other care providers such as Child Health, see Vaccination Events - FHIR.


Vaccination documentation