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GP Connect Access Record: Structured - FHIR API


Use this API to access structured information from a patient’s registered GP practice record. Structured information is patient data in a coded format that a consuming system can import and process.

The API accesses GP principal supplier systems, provides a consistent interface and data model, and is brokered through Spine. 

You can retrieve data from GP practice records for the following areas:



Data is available for the following clinical areas:





outbound referrals

diary entries

uncategorised data (other clinically coded items that are present in the record)

These clinical areas are still in development; there is enough data to test, but it is subject to change as GP systems suppliers go through the development process.

Common use cases include:

access GP medications on admission to secondary care, reducing transcription errors

active checking of a patient's prescription in unscheduled care

out-of-hours GP accesses patient's medications, allergies and problems

midwife views patient record before visiting a patient

community cardiac nurse accesses GP record before visiting a patient

For more details, see the GP Connect Access Record: Structured specification.

You cannot currently use this API to:

create patient-facing views of a medical record

create reports for secondary use, such as care planning

write back to the GP record

Retrieving documents

To retrieve documents from a patient’s registered GP practice, use GP Connect Access Document - FHIR API. After you've found the relevant document references within Access Record returns, use GP Connect Access Document to retrieve the documents. All documents can be requested separately.


GP Connect Access Record: Structured - FHIR API documentation