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Digital Child Health - FHIR



Use this integration to share information about a child's health between healthcare workers.

This information is recorded throughout a child's clinical pathway or patient journey about:

health events

clinical contacts 

These events or contacts happen either as part of:

a planned Healthy Child Programme

unplanned GP or Emergency Department visits

Examples of such events include creating, updating or deleting a record of a:

blood spot test outcome

newborn hearing test

Newborn and Infant Physical Examination (NIPE) outcome

This integration uses a publish-subscribe model - the sending system publishes events to National Events Management Service (NEMS), and NEMS forwards the events to all subscribed systems via MESH.

Subscribed systems might be GPs, emergency departments, local authorities or some other care provider. Potentially, patients and carers could also share this information.

For more information see Digital Child Health specification versions.

Before you begin any development work using this integration, contact us to discuss your best options.


Digital Child Health - FHIR documentation