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Health Research Data Catalogue API


Use this API to retrieve metadata information suitable for publication in a health research data catalogue. You can:

get a list of data sets

get data set details

You cannot currently use this API to:

retrieve data sets as a bulk transfer

retrieve data set feeds

You can get the following metadata information for each data set:

overarching characteristics such as: publisher, keywords, coverage, provenance, access, format, standards, summary observations and data utility

The API conforms to the HDR UK Dataset Metadata Schema Standard v2.0.2 created to enable sharing of information with the UK-wide 'federated' health research data catalogue. API scope Current scope is limited to metadata information about national health-related data sets (such as description, size of the population contained within that data set and the legal basis for access) that can help researchers and innovators decide whether a data set could be useful to their research and help them to make further health discoveries.


Health Research Data Catalogue API documentation