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The Hydrology API provides access to historic water flow information. It complements the near real-time data provided under /flood-monitoring in that it provides access to a long term archive of quality checked and qualified data.

The API and data model for the /hydrology API differs slightly from that under /flood-monitoring due to intrinsic differences (for example presence of quality flags on each reading for qualified data), modelling changes (for example adding links to SOSA/SSN terms) and technology differences.

In addition Environment Agency are moving to using new identifiers for monitoring stations based on GUIDs and the station URIs provided by this API use these new standards. For convenience, the stations shown here provide annotations showing the old stationReference notations (as well as the River Levels on the Internet and WISKI notations) and provide sameAs links to the equivalent /flood-monitoring stations.

Please visit the Defra Data Services Platform Support to let us know about any issues or to ask questions.


Hydrology documentation