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Spine Directory Service - FHIR API


Use this API to access details of systems registered in the Spine Directory Service (SDS). You can:

get accredited system details

You cannot currently use this API to:

search for organisations

search for people

Accredited system records Every system that connects to the Spine has one or more “Accredited System” (AS) records in SDS, identified by an Accredited System Identifier (ASID).

This ASID is unique to a system deployed in a specific organisation, so the same application deployed into three NHS organisations would typically be represented as three unique ASIDs. MHS records and endpoints Every GP Connect system also has one or more “MHS” records (or message handling server record), identified by Party Key and Interaction ID.

MHS records of GP Connect provider systems contain the endpoint of the target practice, as defined by the FHIR service root URL.

Please see System topologies for more details on the allocation of ASIDs and Party Keys.

For all intermediary messaging endpoint lookups, this API returns the NHS Digital Spine MHS endpoint address.


Spine Directory Service - FHIR API documentation