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The Environment Agency has approximately 1000 real-time rain gauges which are connected by telemetry. Measurements of the amount of precipitation (mm) are captured in Tipping Bucket Raingauges (TBR). The data reported here gives accumulated totals for each 15 min period. The data is typically transferred once or twice per day.

The Rainfall API provides access to these rainfall measurements, and to information on the monitoring stations providing those measurements. It is compatible with (and integrated into) the API for water level/flow readings.

Note that for information protection reasons the rainfall monitoring stations do not have names and their geographic location has been reduced to a 100m grid.

These APIs are provided as open data under the Open Government Licence with no requirement for registration. If you make use of this data please acknowledge this with the following attribution statement: 'This uses Environment Agency rainfall data from the real-time data API (Beta)'.

Please visit the Defra Data Services Platform Support to let us know about any issues or to ask questions.


Rainfall documentation