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GP Connect Access Document - FHIR API


Use this API to retrieve unstructured documents from a patient’s GP practice record. Unstructured documents are usually clinical documents received from various health and care settings and held by a patient's registered GP practice.

You can:

search for a patient’s documents

retrieve a document

For example, a district nurse attends a patient at home and views their hospital discharge summary held by their GP practice.

For more details, see the GP Connect specifications for developers.

Clinical assurance process

We are here to support you to develop clinically safe systems in line with your responsibility to achieve the relevant DCB0129 or DCB0160 clinical safety standards. 

We host a series of meetings to help you develop clinically safe systems:

initial meeting

clinical safety process readiness review meeting

clinical evaluation of readiness for deployment meeting

For more information, see Clinical assurance process details.



GP Connect Access Document - FHIR API documentation