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Vaccination Events - FHIR



Use this integration to publish or receive messages about changes to a patient's vaccination details, including:

new vaccinations

updated vaccination details

deleted vaccination details

This service currently covers childhood vaccinations up to the age of 19, and for direct care purposes only, in the context of Digital Child Health. If you'd like to use this API to publish or consume other vaccination types across all age groups, contact [email protected].

Using a publish-subscribe model, we share information about these events with healthcare workers in other organisations such as GPs, Emergency Departments and Local Authorities.

This integration uses a publish-subscribe model - the sending system publishes events to National Events Management Service (NEMS), and NEMS forwards the events to all subscribed systems via MESH.

For example, when a GP system records a vaccination, it sends an event message containing the vaccination details to NEMS. NEMS then sends the message to all healthcare workers who have subscribed to receive vaccination event messages.


Vaccination Events - FHIR documentation