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e-Referral Service Patient Care – FHIR API


Use this API to retrieve referrals for a patient from the e-Referral Service (e-RS) and, if applicable, retrieve service information for a referral that has a current appointment booking with a service or is currently deferred to a service. This API is designed to be used by the Patient Care Aggregator. As an integrated system acting on behalf of a patient, you can:

retrieve a patient's referrals

retrieve information for a single service

You cannot use this API to:

get patient personal demographic details – instead, use the Personal Demographic Service (PDS)

You can access the following data:

a summary of each active referral

Access modes This API has one access mode:

Access mode

Authentication via



Patient access

NHS login

Get own details

In production, beta

Patient, user-restricted access This access mode allows integrated systems acting on behalf of a patient to access Patient Care FHIR API endpoints by authenticating users with NHS login.


e-Referral Service Patient Care – FHIR API documentation