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Booking and Referral - FHIR API


This API forms part of the Booking and Referral Standard (BaRS). This API specification should be used in conjunction with the BaRS implementation guide for your use case.

Use this API to send booking and referral information between NHS service providers. You can:

get a specific booking

get bookings for a patient

process a message

get message definition

get capability statement

get a specific referral

get referral/s for a patient

get slots

The following describes the end-to-end process:

Send a request from your sender application to this API, along with a service identifier header.

This API redirects the request to the service associated with the service identifier header.

The target backend handles the request and sends a response back to this API.

This API returns the response to your sender application.


Booking and Referral - FHIR API documentation