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UK Government APIs

This API catalogue is for central and local government APIs.

If you’re working on an API that publishes open data or connects government with other organisations, industry or consumers, we’d like to invite you to publish details of it in this catalogue. You can publish details of your API by submitting a GitHub Issue.

Collecting a list of government APIs helps us understand:

  • what APIs are published
  • where API development is taking place
  • whether APIs are suitable for reuse

and helps users across government find and access inter-departmental data exchanges, as well as sharing best practice in API development.

Please note that all of the APIs and data sources recorded in the Catalogue have their own licensing and access restrictions, check the documentation for each individual API for more details.

Getting in touch

The API Catalogue is a central part of the Data Standards Authority’s API Programme, which aims to improve how APIs are produced, managed and used across government. For more information, or to ask to be added to the Government API & Data Exchange community, please contact:

If you have any questions about the catalogue, or how to add your APIs to it, please contact:

If you are looking to set up an domain for your API, please contact: