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Organisation Data Service - FHIR API


Use this API to access a reduced dataset of health and social care organisations in England and Wales, such as trusts or GP practices, using our Organisation Data Service (ODS). This FHIR API contains a reduced dataset, most useful for helping with transactions, while the ODS ORD API contains the full dataset from ODS.

You can search for information about an organisation using one or more of their:

ODS code

last updated date


active or inactive status

postcode or city

organisation's role or primary role, such as trusts or GP practices

You can also limit the number of results returned, or just request a count of the number of search results.

For more details, see the Introduction to FHIR® ODS Lookup API.

You cannot:

access the full dataset from ODS

search for an organisation with an address

An ODS code is a unique identification codes for an organisation that interact with any area of the NHS. This API returns the following reduced dataset of an organisation, when searched with an ODS code:

organisation - ODS code, name, open date, close  date, last change date and status if active or inactive

address - house or flat number, line 1, line 2, line 3, town, postcode and country

contacts - email, website, telephone and fax

roles - primary and non-primary roles

For an alternative API that returns full dataset, see Related APIs below.


Organisation Data Service - FHIR API documentation