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GP Connect Appointment Management - FHIR API


Use this API to enable administrative and clinical end users to book and manage patient appointments held in any of the principal GP practice systems.

You can:

retrieve a patient’s appointments

search for free slots

read an appointment

book an appointment

amend an appointment

cancel an appointment

For example:

staff at a GP practice can book, view, amend or cancel appointments on behalf of a patient at another practice

organisations such as NHS 111 call centre, out of hours services, or extended access hubs can book, view, amend or cancel appointments on behalf of a patient at their registered GP practice or federated GP practices

Note: You need to use this API in conjunction with the GP Connect Foundations FHIR API. With this API you can:

get patient details - “Read Patient”

search for patient - “Patient Search”

get practitioner details - “Read Practitioner”

search for practitioner - “Practitioner Search”

get organisation details - “Read Organisation”

search for organisation - “Organisation Search”

get location details - “Read Location”

register patient - “Register Patient”

For more details, see the GP Connect specifications for developers.

Start your development work within 6 months of use case approval. If you miss this date, a review or new submission of the use case will be required. Changes or additional development will also require a review or new use case submission. 


GP Connect Appointment Management - FHIR API documentation