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e-Referral Service - FHIR API


A key aspect of the NHS e-RS vision is to enable local innovation and adoption of paperless referrals. To support this vision NHS Digital have created a set of APIs which provide a well-defined, simple to use data interface to the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS).

We want to stimulate and assist your development of applications linked to the NHS e-RS using these APIs, so within these pages you will find information about the functionality of these APIs as well as guidance on how we can support you throughout development and implementation.

Functionality and future roadmap: currently the e-RS Integration APIs provide the following functionality:

  • Smartcard Authentication and Authorisation
  • Clinical Referral Information
  • Create Referral
  • Clinical Review (Accept/Reject)

Coming soon:

  • Book Appointment (Q3 2020)
  • Manage Referrals (Q4 2020)

You can see the NHS e-Referral Service Future integration roadmap.


e-Referral Service - FHIR API documentation