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Document header - Clinical document architecture on FHIR

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The design of the CDA On FHIR England (COFE) - Document Header is based on the C-CDA on FHIR US Realm Header profile ‘ccda-us-realm-header-composition’.

This is a generic Composition profile (equivalent to a Level 2 CDA document) that defines constraints that represent common administrative and demographic concepts for NHS clinical documents. It will be used to link to COFE document type profiles created for any coded entries that would normally be included in traditional CDA sections (equivalent to Level 3 CDA entries). The COFE document type profiles should conform to this profile.

Further Information

This FHIR Document specification is based on and intended to be used alongside the published FHIR DSTU2 1.0.1 (October 2015) specification.


This FHIR Document specification is published as a 'work in progress' version and as such is subject to change. As it is a DRAFT, it is not in an implementable state. It has been published to show the direction of travel and to serve as a discussion document for parties involved with the implementation of CDA On FHIR England Document communications.